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The 10 Best Strip Club Amenities

Strip clubs are often thought to be seedy places that offer sex to men who ought to be spending their money on something more important. But in this list, we present you with strip clubs that have more than just mirrors, dancing poles, sexy salsa moves, and overpriced drinks. These have become establishments where like-minded men converge to talk about tits, sex, business, and yes, even health.

Don’t believe it? Well, that’s why we’re here to show you that there’s more to these clubs than just frustration and blue balls. Men actually go home satisfied and happy, and it’s not just from sex. In fact, a lap dance may be an added bonus to the wonderful amenities they serve to their fastidious clients who may want to do more than just explore their cavemen tendencies. This is more than just catering to their hidden desire to hit a woman with a bat before they take her home and have their wild way with her.